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Heater Hire, Blow / Space Heater Hire - Gas/LPG - Diesel - Electric - Industrial and Commercial Heater Hire for the NW and Manchester

Low cost heater hire for a vast range of applications from large industrial spaces, marquees to small offices. Hire Heaters for longer to take advantage of higher discounts, up to 50%.

GAS SPACE HEATER HIRE (Blow heater hire)

Direct Gas Space Heaters for hire. Our highest output Industrial size 120kw direct gas space heater for hire runs on your mains gas supply (industrial space gas heaters portable very large). Smaller heaters run on bottled gas, LPG, propane. Outputs range from 37 to 78 kW they provide the heating for factories, warehouses, workshops etc. The space has to well ventilated as the exhaust gas is blown in to the space along with the heat.

Indirect Gas Space Heater hire can be used in enclosed and relatively well sealed spaces or rooms. Indirect blow heaters have vented exhausts and the hot air is ducted to where its most needed. These are sometimes known as ducted heaters. The Ambirad heater hire at 61 kW gives fume and flame free heating for large enclosed areas. Lower power options can be selected for smaller spaces.


Direct Paraffin / Diesel Space Heaters for hire, the hire heating solution for any large well ventilated industrial space. This type of heater runs from a large tank of fuel and unlike bottled gas heater it won't freeze up after extende use. The fuel can be Paraffin or Red Diesel, please specify when ordering. The fuel is burnt directly and the combustion gasses mix with the hot air so the space must be well ventilated.

Indirect Paraffin / Diesel Space Heaters for hire burn the fuel and exhaust the gasses seperately from the hot air. This makes them a good solution for heating large, well sealed areas. The exhaust is vented with hot air ducted to the right spot. The heater can be situated outside. Outputs from 37 kw to 80 kW means you can hire a heater with fume and flame free heating at an output just right for your space.


3 Phase Electric Heaters hire with outputs from 7 kW to 22 kW. These require conection to the correct supply but then there are No Fumes or Fuel to manage. For clean indstant heat just when and where you need it, a high output electric heater could be the right choice for your space..


Infra Red Electric Heaters are often hired when people need keeping warm and not particlarly the space around them. Infra Red Heaters will not directly warm air, it's only people or objects that absorb the heat. As the IR radiation can be directed you are only heating what you need to keep warm so this can be an effective and ecconomical alternative.

Infra Red Gas Heater, an advanced heating option using using bottled gas, LPG, Propane with an enclosed flame. Infra Red radiates over long distances and supplemented by electric powered forced air. The best of both worlds, these heaters can provide the large area space heating to keep your workplace comforatable and productive


Electric Room Heater hire heat your shop, office, small workshop during the coldest weather without any fuss. Hire an oil filled radiator, standard or Heavy Duty fan heater to take the overnight chill away, supliment your normall heating on the coldest days or use all the time to maintain a comfortable workspace.

Gas Plaque Heater hire if you need free standing radiant heat for garages, site cabins, workshops etc. Economical to run with a 2.9 kW output from bottled gas, lpg, propane.

Cabinet Gas Heater sometimes called Gas Convector Heater make a neat hire option for a room, shop, office or workshop. We have a model specifically for high traffic areas or where children are about as the flame is hidden to give a high degree of safety. The cabinet contains the bottled gas, LPG, Butane adding weight to make the Cabinet a sturdy and safe choice.


Electric Environment Control hire is a solution for large events, conference rooms and potentially problamatic buildings. When a there's a trick problem to solve this 10 kW unit will heat, dry and dehumidify large areas. It is designed to be ducted and can be situated outside so you can keep a space comfortable and healthy event where conditions and space populations are changing rapidly.

Driers and dehumidifier hire can give you extraction rates up to 60 litres a day. Blower driers and Infra red driers can assist drying after building work or flooding. Used in conjunction with a dehumidifier to heater and blowers can speed up the drying of large areas. Dehumidifier Building Driers extract moisture to a reservoir or drain hose

Heating hire and Dehumidifier Hire, available across the NW North West including: Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. Heater Hire covering the areas around Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Preston, Leigh, Southport, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn to Chester, Stockport, Salford, St. Helens, Wilmslow, Warrington, Wigan, Trafford, Glossop and Buxton. Postcodes: M, OL, SK, WA, BL, WN, PR, CW, CH & L. We can deliver competitive hire anywhere in the UK, call us for more details.