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Enviromax High Capacity Dehumidifier Hire

Suitable for large scale building drying, disaster recover and environment control. The Environmax can extract 180 litres per day.

The Enviromax can also work as a 10kw heater or air conditioning unit - SEE HERE FOR FULL DETAILS

Enviromax dehumidifier
Code: HA35
Per day from* : £38.61
More price info below

Damp Problems in Industrial and Commercial Environments

Moisture from the air can cause a lot of damage and create an unhealthy environment for staff and customers. Operation and storage requirements for many products from electronic equipment to cardboard state parameters on relative humidity need to be adhered to. When the humidity levels rise there is a danger of irreversible or costly damage to:

In many industrial and commercial spaces these parameters can be exceeded during a few months of the year. The problems arise when we introduce comfortable levels of heating which causes the humidity in the air to increase. This moisture comes from a number of sources; water being walked or of the tyres of vehicles, clothing and even large numbers of people breathing as well as leaks, cooking, rest rooms and direct gas heating. When evaporated by heat, all this water is held in the air.

Normally this moisture is ventilated out of the building and doesn't cause any problems. When its cold and the heating is turned up we keep doors and windows shut to conserve the heat so the moist air stays in the building.

During cold spells we heat the air around us and water is evaporated. This warm air circulates around the building in to all the nooks and crannies, in to store rooms, unoccupied areas and in to equipment, around all the racking up walls and to the ceiling etc.

Away from the heat the air cools to the dew point and it condenses on to any cold surface. This can be seen as liquid condensation e.g. misting of windows and dripping from roofs or it will soak in to any absorbent materials. Metals will rust or corrode, contacts in electrical and electronic equipment can oxidise. Mould and rot can set in and multiply causing further deterioration and eventually releasing harmful spores.

The problem is made even worse when trying to be economical with the heating i.e. only heating during working hours. This allows everything to cool overnight to become a magnet for moisture as soon as the heating is turned on. These areas don't warm up enough during the day so never fully dry out, any slight evaporation in these areas actually has a cooling effect, making the problem worse.

Solutions to damp problems

The ideal solution is to move to a well designed building with a bespoke HAVAC system tailored to your specific operations (or invest in alterations to give a similar result). Obviously an expensive and disruptive solution for a problem that may only occur for a few months of the year.

You could have no heating, so circulating air remains relatively dry. Or spend a fortune on constant heating to give an even temperature throughout the build whilst maintaining hi-rates of ventilation.

The most practical and low cost solution for temporary damp problems is to hire an efficient, high capacity dehumidifier.


compare with other dehumidifiersCompare the Enviromax High Capacity Dehumidifier with other dehumidifiers available to hire

Advantages of the Enviromax

  • 3 in 1 machine - Dryer, Dehumidifier can also provide heating.
  • Moist air can be ducted out, dry air can be ducted in up to 20m.
  • Ideal for large events and conference rooms to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.
  • High capacity to cure damp problems in commercial and industrial premises.
  • Hoses, thermostats etc. available for sophisticated setups.

note: HACCP Heating and Cooling for Food Processing / hygiene, clean room environments. Astley Hire is the only hirer of Heating and air conditioning with HACCP accreditation. read more

Enviromax High Capacity Dehumidifier Specifications

Dehumidifier capacity 180 litres per 24hrs
Running amps 12-14.5
Air flow (cu.m/hr) 1450
Supply air 2 x 250mm ducts 20m max
Return air 5m max
Noise level min. (dba) 52 at 5m
Dimensions h × w × l (mm) 1465 × 735 × 1080
Weight (kg) 175
Voltage 240
Optional thermostat/controller 20m


Enviromax High Capacity Dehumidifier Hire prices

hire account information linkPlease note: All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

The Heating Hire rate / rental price for the Enviromax High Capacity Dehumidifier may be subject to a competitive account discount. Read more about Trade Hire Rates, Prices & Cost.

Code £ / week £ / 2 wks £ 3-5 wks £ 6-9 wks £ /10+ wks
HA35 £540.50 £432.40 £378.35 £324.30 £270.25

4 Months hire for the price of 3. Offer Available. Click for details...

*Note "Per Day From : £ " The hire rate quoted at the top of the page is the cost per day during a 10 week hire.


guarantee and accreditations

NW, Manchester and U.K. availability

Enviromax High Capacity Dehumidifier hire from Astley Hire is available across the NW North West including: Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. Hire covering the areas around Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Preston, Leigh, Southport, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn to Chester, Stockport, Salford, St. Helens, Wilmslow, Warrington, Wigan, Trafford, Glossop and Buxton. Postcodes: M, OL, SK, WA, BL, WN, PR, CW, CH & L. We can deliver competitive hire anywhere in the UK, call us for more details.


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