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Space HEATER HIRE, Gas / Electric / Diesel Portable & Industrial Heater Hire for NW & Manchester

Portable Space heater hire / Blow heater hire, Infra Red heater hire and Room heater hire from a trusted independent company established in 1966. If it's heating you need for your Office, Shop, Showroom, Computer room, Factory, Marquee or Industrial Space, we have portable space heaters, Gas / Electric / Diesel or Paraffin blow heaters for hire. For Cheap Heater Hire there are some really low rates available for long term hires. Find out - How to choose the best Space Heater to Hire. We can assess your portable heater needs with an on-site heater hire assessment. If you need to hire a heater in the NW from Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Wigan or anywhere in Lancashire, Cheshire or Merseyside we have the right gas heater, electric heater, diesel heater and dehumidifier ready to warm your space.

Help choosing which heater is most suitable

Help Choosing the Right Portable Heating or Space / Blow Heater to Hire

At Astley Hire Heating, we have one of the most extensive ranges of portable space heaters available. With such a wide range of space heaters, infra red heaters and room heaters it can be difficult to select the right product for your application. Our HELP CHOOSING THE RIGHT PORTABLE HEATER HIRE section will guide you through the selection process. Alternatively, just give our heating experts a call or contact us, they'll talk you through all the portable heater hire options. If you're in Manchester, NW, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside we can come to you and conduct on on-site assessment of your complex cooling and air conditioner needs.

Additional and Supplementary Heating

Hiring a heater can be the cost effective solution for those days or weeks in the year that your regular heating system just hasn't got the output to cope. Rather upgrading your existing heating system, hire of heater can get you through those cold days and nights. There are many options to choose from, one is bound to be just right for space you need to heat. The help choosing section should point you in the right direction, if not just give our heating experts a call.

Specialist Commercial and Industrial Heater Hire Experts

With Astley Hire you can be sure you get the portable heating service you need. All our attention is focused on providing an excellent value hire service to our trade customers, we don't deal directly with the general public. All our Industrial Heater & Space Heater units are selected to give the highest efficiencies with the lowest running costs and are built to withstand the rigors of commercial and industrial use. So if it't a factory heater or blow heater for a warehouse, we have the high output heaters and the expertise to warm your space.

With an Astley Hire Trade Account you also have instant access to Cherry Pickers, Scissor lifts, Tools, Air Conditioning, Workwear and PPE.

Hire Accounts for Cooling and Air Conditioning hire and portable Air Conditioners


Accreditations for portable cooler and air conditioner hire, manchester NW

Fully Accredited Local Independent Supplier

If you've not used our hire service before, you might not know how good we really are! Established in 1966 Astley Hire has a proud reputation for supplying quality equipment with excellent levels of service around Manchester and the NW. Being an independent, family run business allows us to concentrate on customer satisfaction and safety.

The accreditations prove our commitment to providing the reliable service you can trust for your portable heating hire.

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The types of GAS SPACE HEATER HIRE explanation.

Direct Gas Space Heaters / Blow Heater for well ventilated areas run on bottled gas, LPG / propane. With outputs from 37 to 78 kW they provide the heating hire solution for factories, workshops etc. Our highest output 120kw direct gas Blow Heater for hire runs on your mains gas supply. The space needs to be well ventillated as the exhaust gases are blown from the heater along with the warm air.

Indirect Gas Space Heaters / Blow Heater have vented exhausts with hot air ducted to where its most needed. The Ambirad heater hire at 61 kW gives fume and flame free heating for large enclosed areas and a range of smaller ducted heaters are available for quick delivery to heat up any space.


Direct Paraffin / Diesel Space Heaters can be the hire heating solution for any large well ventilated industrial space. Red Diesel can be used for good ecconomic heating. This option avoids the problems of gas bottles freezing during extended periods of use.

Indirect Paraffin / Diesel Space Heaters can have vented exhausts with hot air ducted to where its most needed. The heater can be situated outside. Outputs from 37 kw to 80 kW means you can hire a ducted heater with fume and flame free heating right for your space.

Direct space heater Manchester NW How much does space heater hire cost? All the direct space heater hire prices are detailed along with the individual specifications. Substantial discounts available for low cost heater hire.
Indirect space heater hire Manchester NW What is the cost of ducted space heater hire? All the indirect blow heater prices are detailed alongside the technical data. For cheap heater hire, discounts rates are also shown.



3 Phase Electric Heaters for hire ranging from 7 kW to 22 kW. No Fumes or Fuel to manage just clean heat when and where you need it.

Electric space heater hire Manchester NW What is the cost of Portable Electric heater hire? All the 3phase Electric Heater Hire Costs are shown with the technical data. For the cheapest heater hire, discounts rates are also available.


Infra Red Electric Heaters are usually hired when its people that need keeping warm and not the space around them. Infra Red Heaters don't directly warm the air only people and objects absorb the heat. So you are only heating what you need. The output of 3 kW makes infra red heating hire very economical for many situations.

Infra Red Gas Heaters, an advanced heating hire solution using bottled gas, LPG, Propane with an enclosed flame. Infra Red radiates over long distances and is supplemented by electric powered forced air.

Infra Red  heater hire Manchester NW What's the running cost of a Portable heater ? All the portable heaters for hire are shown with the technical specifications. So you can compare the running costs to find the cheapest heater hire in the North West including Manchester.


Electric Room Heaters are a convenient way heat your shop, office, small workshop during the coldest weather. Hire an oil filled radiator, standard or Heavy Duty fan heater.

Gas Plaque Heaters you can hire when you need free standing radiant heat for site cabins, workshops etc. Economical to run on with a 2.9 kW output from bottled gas, LPG / propane.

Cabinet Gas Heaters or Gas Convector Heaters make a neat hire option for any room, office, workshop. We have a model specifically for high traffic areas or where children are about, the flame is hidden as a safer option. The cabinet contain the bottled gas, LPG / Butane.

Electric and Gas Room heater hire Manchester NW How much does it cost to hire a room heater ? All the hire rates and discounts are show on the product pages . You can compare the running costs and find lowest cost room heater hire.



Electric Environment Control hire for large events, conference room and problem buildings. This 10 kW unit will heat, dry and dehumidify large areas. It is designed to be ducted and can be situated outside. These large units offer full environment control making them especially useful for events where room or space occupancy varies over sort periods.

Driers and dehumidifier hire with extraction rates up to 60 litres per day. Blower driers and Infra red driers assist drying after building work or flooding, hire with a dehumidifier to speed up drying of large areas. Dehumidifier Building Driers extract moisture to a reservoir or drain hose.

Dehumidifier hire in Manchester NW What does it cost to hire a Dehumidifier in Manchester ? The hire prices and discounts are on the individual product pages . You can find the lowest cost dehumidier or building drier by clicking through.




There's many heating hire options to choose from. At Astley Hire we have the heater hire experts to help you make the right choice. You can use our help choosing guide or contact the Heating Team.

If you know what you need go straight to the products, here you'll find our full hire heating range including: electric fans, infrared heaters, gas and paraffin, direct and indirect space heaters / blow heaters.

For disaster recovery, building drying, construction and decorating hire a drying fans, drying heaters and dehumidifiers.


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